HDR Photography for a Newly Remodeled Kitchen

On a peaceful street in Boca Raton there is a house with a concrete road in front of it and a watery road in back. If you live on the intercoastal, you’d be extremely familiar with that description. This house in particular was recently remodeled, specifically in the kitchen and dining room areas.

In another neck of town more inland sat a house in a picture perfect neighborhood where not a leaf or rock was out of place. This house had its kitchen, master bath and two entertainment centers remodeled. Both houses, though uniquely custom in design and inspiration had one thing in common:

Both families found expert kitchen and bath remodeler Jennifer McChesney for her talent and wisdom. She used her insight and experience to revamp these two very different spaces and give them a refreshing new feel, new vibe, new aura. Then she hired me to capture them.

When pitching a client my HDR style of photography, most are initially hesitant because they may not know what it means to really enhance a photograph in the way that I do. Most people are only familiar with the letters HDR because of a feature on their cell phone that attempts to simulate what photographers who use HDR professionally really do. It doesn’t take long, however, to show a few pictures, talk about where my images have been featured, and show some images without HDR. The higher quality then justifies my only slightly higher price for them. If you want an image to be taken to the next level, I can certainly give you that edge.

Just to be clear, when editing photos in HDR, I am in no way simply dumping images from my camera and throwing a filter on them. I am not simply adding saturation to the extreme. All aforementioned practices are in poor taste and the mark of an unskilled photographer/editor.

Scroll below to read about my process. For now, here is my work.